Ehrl Bielicky is a Zurich-based architecture practice, founded in 2022, focusing on cultural, historical, environmental, and spatial transformations that are shaping the discipline of architecture today and in the future. Working both for clients and on self-initiated projects, the practice concentrates on the contextual conditions of existing structures and new developments, as well as on innovative design solutions and processes informed by transdisciplinary collaborations and the experimental work with visual and multi-media outcomes and strategies. Ehrl Bielicky is working with a wide and multidisciplinary network of external partners.
Since 2014, Ellena Ehrl and Tibor Bielicky have collaborated on various projects bridging different scales and media in the fields of architecture, urbanism, design, publication, exhibition, and research. As part of that, they initiated Recording America, a research platform on American architecture, urbanism, and subculture. Between 2010 and 2019 they edited and published architecture magazine Planphase. They co-founded Superposition, a periodical investigating the human side of architecture in 2020.  Since 2022 they are editors at large of Capsule, an international review of Radical Design & Desire Theory. They are founding members of the collective design space Zurich International and both teach at the architecture department at ETH Zurich.

Ellena Ehrl, Dipl.-Ing. Arch. TUM  /SIA obtained her degree in architecture at Technical University Munich in 2014. After graduating, she co-edited the documentary film “Im Windschatten von Olympia“ as part of a research on the urban development of Munich in the 1960s and 70s. Between 2015 and 2017 she has worked for Graber Pulver Architekten in Zurich and between 2017 and 2021 for Christ & Gantenbein in Basel on competitions and project planning. In 2021 she joined the NEWROPE Chair of Architecture and Urban Transformation at ETH Zurich as studio lead. Ellena was an invited crit at Princeton University School of Architecture, Cornell University AAP, SoA University of Miami, Melbourne School of Design and ETH Zurich.
/ b. 1989 in Roth, DE

Tibor Bielicky, M.A. Arch. TUM  /SIA obtained his degree in architecture at Technical University Munich in 2015. Between 2011 and 2012, he studied at Università Iuav in Venice. He worked at Caruso St John Architect in Zurich mainly on the SwissLife Arena project and several competitions between 2016 and 2022. Since 2021 he has been a teaching assistant at Studio Adam Caruso at the ETH Zurich. He contributed reviews, essays, and photographs to Kaleidoscope, FlashArt and Fondazione Prada. He was an invited crit at ETH Zurich, Technical University Munich, Princeton University School of Architecture, Cornell University AAP, SoA University of Miami, Melbourne School of Design and Cal Poly Pomona, Los Angeles.
/ b. 1989 in Miami Beach, US

recent team:
Tibor Bielicky
Ellena Ehrl
Armand Zanota

previous collaborators:
Florian Jaritz
Felix Röttger

architects gmbh

Würzgrabenstrasse 6
8048 Zurich



2023   / House of Switzerland  Milan 2024, finalist
Milan, IT   / exhibition design compeition for Pro Helvetia, with 00Island, Emilie Appercé, HOMI

2022   / Kirche Wipkingen
transformation, Zurich, CH   / competition with pre qualification, 5th prize, with Schneider Türtscher

2022   / Ortszentrum Davos Dorf
urban masterplan/infrastructure, Davos , CH   / competition with Armature Globale

2022   / Salon Art+Design
booth, New York, US   / completed

2022   / Zurich International office
transformation and adaptive re-use, Zurich, CH, 2022   / ongoing

2022   / Haus M3
residential   / Landshut, DE, 2022   / study

2021   / Salon Art+Design
booth, New York, US   / completed

2021   / BRCCH
office, Basel, CH   / competition with Armature Globale

2020   / Klerturm Pavilion
hybrid, Greding, DE  / design development

2020   / Freyjastrasse
residential, Nuremberg, DE  / commissioned study

2020   / Glebe Farm
masterplan, Somerset, UK  / commissioned study

2020   / Retti-Palais
museum  /gallery, Ansbach, DE  / commissioned study

2020   / Ravel
Restaurant, Regensburg, DE  / commissioned study

2019   / Salon Art+Design
booth, New York, US  / completed

2019   / Haus S
residential, Meerbusch, DE  / commissioned study

2019   / Achmühle
masterplan, Greding, DE  / design development

2019   / Interior Schloss Greding 
museum  /gallery, Greding, DE  / design development

2019   / Conversion
residential, Bizerte, TN, 2019  / commissioned study

2017   / Gallery space
museum  /gallery, Litomyšl, CZ  / commissioned study

2017   / Le Corbusier, Klaviatur der Farben
exhibition design   /restauration, Greding, DE  /completed

2024   / BaukunstLECTURES - Ehrl Bielicky / Summacumfemmer
lecture, Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, DE

2023   / Ehrl Bielicky - Works
lecture,  OSA - USI Accademia, Mendrisio, CH

2023   / Ehrl Bielicky - Extended Spatial Practice
lecture, Harvard GSD X ChinaGSD, Cambridge, US/online

2023   / Ehrl Bielicky - Extended Spatial Practice
lecture, nova space - Bauhaus Universität Weimar, DE

2023   / Capsule Plaza  Talks with Konstantin Grcic and Sabine Marcelis, talk, Milan, IT

2022   / Research-Works-Teaching
lecture, UMPRUM, Prague, CZ

2021   / Storefront Displays Windows
workshop, TU Graz, AT

2021   / Diskursiv n°1 - 'Das Modell'
lecture, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, AT

2021   / In Conversation with artist David K. Ross at BALTS Project, online lecture

2021   / F  /A FakeAuthentic - Life of the others
online lecture

2020   / Architecture Foundation London
online lecture

2019   / News from Delphi IV
panel discussion, Zurich, CH

2019   / 'Recording America' 
lecture, TUM Munich, DE

2019   / Print & Periodicity, Publishing in Architecture, symposium, ETH, Zurich, CH

2017   / Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and the American High Rise, lecture, ETH, Zurich, CH

2014   / Im Windschatten von Olympia (00:41:47)
with Muck Petzet & Mathieu Wellner   / research, Munich, DE

2014   / Recording America
research, digital, ongoing

2023   / Cite 104 – Recroding American
contribution, print, Rice RDA, Houston, US

2023   / Superposition 02 - WORKOUT, guest edited by Freek Persyn
publication, print

2023   / Daisuke Hirabayashi - Koechlin House,
Mack Books   / publication, print

2023   / Capsule Issue #02
publication, print

2023   / Diskursiv n°2 - ‘Colors’
exhibition contribution + book contribution, Graz, AT

2022   / Architekturikonen neu gesehen, Werk, Bauen + Wohnen 10/21   / contribution, print

2022   / Capsule Issue #01
publication, print

2021   / REPLICANTS by Armature Globale, FlashArt Winter, 21/22, contribution, print

2021   /MOSHPIT by Armature Globale, Corss Monograph,
contribution, print

2021   / Atlantis (00:22:34) with Alexander Schöpfel   / Diskursiv n°1  - Das Model, exhibition contribution + book contribution, Graz, AT

2021   / OMA NY search term, KALEIDOSCOPE Sp/Su
contribution, print

2021   / Sturm&Drang by Armature Globale, Fredi Fischli & Niels Olsen at Fondazione Prada   / exhibition review   / takeover, online

2021   / Superposition 01 - HARDCORE HOME, guest edited by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen, publication, print

2020   / Parkhaus P West with F.A.T and Bessire Winter
Installation, Zurich, CH

2020   / Netzwerke der Jungen, Werk, Bauen + Wohnen 1   /2  - 20   / contribution, print

2019   / Desired Landscapes 03 - Mobile Immobile
cotribution, print

2018   / Planphase No 7 – LEARNING FROM
zine, print

2018   / American Icons   / OfHouses
guest curator, online

2018   / American Icons   / Architekturegalerie
exhibition contribution, Munich, DE

2017   / Palm Springs Mall   / 2min ago
exhibition contribution, Dusseldorf, DE

2017   / Planphase No 6 – BEST BEFORE
publication, print

2016   / Planphase No 5 – DEBÜT
publication, print

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